south georgia

South Georgia Island

South Georgia and the Sandwich Islands (British Overseas Territory) Windswept and largely unknown, the utterly isolated isle of South Georgia stands days away from any civilized shore, a white crest of carved ice rising from the ... [Read more]

The White Continent

Antarctica Antarctica – terra Australis Incognita, “the unknown land of the south” – is the surreal seventh continent at the bottom of the world, a place of ethereal beauty and unequivocal grandeur that inspired the great ... [Read more]

Peruvian Amazon

Amazonas, Peru The confluence of the Ucayali and Maranon rivers in Loreto, Peru, forms the legendary head of the mighty Amazon, 2,400 miles from where it flows into the Atlantic. Though Brazil garners most of the fame as the home ... [Read more]

Galapagos Island

Ecuador A modern-day traveler’s rules of thumb: Visit the most fragile places first; stay on the trails; disturb nothing. Nowhere does this apply more than to the 58 islands and cays of the Galapagos archipelago, which straddle ... [Read more]

Brazilian Amazon

Amazonas, Brazil The vast kingdom of the Amazon, known as Amazonia, stretches across nine South American nations. At 1.4 billion acres it is the largest and densest rain forest on earth, roughly the size of the contiguous United ... [Read more]

Panama Canal

Panama City to Colon, Panama Built across the narrowest point between the pacific and Atlantic oceans, the Panama Canal is one of the greatest engineering achievements of the 20th century. It stretches 50 miles from Panama City t ... [Read more]
inside passage and Glacier Bay 2

Inside Passage And Glacier Bay

Alaska, U.S.A

Alaska has over 40,000 miles of coastline, and you can take in some of the most beautiful from your ship’s deck while sailing the Inside Passage. It stretches through 500 scenic miles in the southeast of the state ... [Read more]

the marquesas islands 2

The Marquesas Islands

French Polynesia

For years the wild beauty of the little-visited Marquesas Islands –some of the most remote inhabited islands on earth – has drawn artists and writers, and that’s hardly a surprise: This is the untainted tr ... [Read more]

sailing the whitsundays

Sailing The Whitsundays

Queensland, Australia

It would be hard to conjure a more splendid destination for setting sail than these idyllic islands in the Coral Sea, discovered by Captain Cook in 1770 on Whitsunday (49 days after Easter). Cradled by the ... [Read more]

halong bay

Ha Long Bay


Vietnamese legend maintains that dragons once descended from heaven and spouted streams of jade droplets into the waters of Ha Long Bay (Vin Ha Long), forming thousands of island to protect the bay and its people from in ... [Read more]

bagan and a cruise

Bagan And a Cruise On The Ayerwady River

Bagan and Mandalay, Myanmar

A cruise down the Ayerwady (Irrawaddy) River – the country’s great natural highway and the focal point of Burmese life – is an opportunity to observe the languid and timeless rhythms of rural li ... [Read more]

sailing the mekong 2

Sailing The Mekong


Laos, Cambodia, and Vietnam share a history of war and French colonial influences. But it’s the Mekong River that both links them and, in many places, separates them, running along much of Laos’s western border with Myan ... [Read more]


Waterways Of The Czars

Moscow, Russia

Although Moscow and St. Petersburg are featured on many sailing itineraries, neither is actually on the Volga. The river is, however, part of a network of interconnect canals, locks, and lakes that makes a journey ... [Read more]


The Danube Bend

The Danube (“blond” and not “blue” to Hungarians) begins in the Black Forest in southwest Germany and flows east until it reaches a point about 25 miles north of Budapest. Here low-rising hills on both banks force it to bend sharply southw ... [Read more]


The Three Gorges

Hubei and Chongqing, China, Asia

The mighty Yangtze River cuts right across the geographical and imaginative heartland of China, and it’s most famous stretch through the Three Gorges ranks among the world’s most beautiful pl ... [Read more]