Grace Bay

Turks and Caicos The jewel in the crown of Turks and Caicos – an archipelago of 40 islands – Grace Bay boasts a staggering 12-mile arc of powdery white sand lapped by turquoise waters that teem with marine life. It’s consid ... [Read more]

Montego Bay

Jamaica Jamaica’s second largest city after Kingston, Mo Bay is charged, hip, and gritty, with a lively music scene that reaches its frenzied height at Reggae Sumfest, a reggae and dancehall marathon that showcase star performe ... [Read more]

Peruvian Amazon

Amazonas, Peru The confluence of the Ucayali and Maranon rivers in Loreto, Peru, forms the legendary head of the mighty Amazon, 2,400 miles from where it flows into the Atlantic. Though Brazil garners most of the fame as the home ... [Read more]

Galapagos Island

Ecuador A modern-day traveler’s rules of thumb: Visit the most fragile places first; stay on the trails; disturb nothing. Nowhere does this apply more than to the 58 islands and cays of the Galapagos archipelago, which straddle ... [Read more]

Brazilian Amazon

Amazonas, Brazil The vast kingdom of the Amazon, known as Amazonia, stretches across nine South American nations. At 1.4 billion acres it is the largest and densest rain forest on earth, roughly the size of the contiguous United ... [Read more]

Tortuguero National Park

Limon, Costa Rica A lowland wilderness on Costa Rica’s northern coast, Tortuguero National Park lies between the Caribbean and a dense maze of jungle canals. Its 22 miles of protected black sand beaches are one of the world’s ... [Read more]

Carnaval De Quebec

Quebec City, Quebec, Canada

In winter’s frosty midst – partly in defiance, partly in celebration – Quebec City springs to life during the Carnaval de Quebec (Quebec Winter Carnival). The world’s largest winter carnival a ... [Read more]


Polar Bear Safari

Since long before Churchill had a human history (with stints as an Inuit settlement and armed forces base), it was the polar bear capital of the world. Today, every October and November, up to 1,000 of these generally solitary creatures gather jus ... [Read more]

heli skiing and heli hiking

Heli-Skiing And Heli-Hiking

British Columbia, Canada

Just well of the Canadian Rockies lie waves of mountains: The Cariboo, Bugaboo, Monashee, Selkirk, Galina, and Purcell ranges are unknown to many but famous to fans of high-mountain hiking and powder ski ... [Read more]

the canadian rockies by train

The Canadian Rockies By Train

Alberta and British Columbia, Canada

When railroads first crossed Canada in 1885 (“an act of insane recklessness,” read the headlines), they did more than bring in settlers: They opened up western Canada to tourism. “If we ... [Read more]

banff, jasper, yoyo national 2

Banff, Jasper, And Yoho National Parks

Alberta and British Columbia

Spanning the crown of the majestic Canadian Rockies are Banff, Jasper, and Yoho National Parks, collectively known as the Rocky Mountain Parks. Banff was Canada’s very first national Park and is no ... [Read more]

kennedy space center

Kennedy Space Center

Cape Canaveral, Florida, U.S.A.

Set amid 140,000 acres of marshland and mangrove swamp, Kennedy Space Center has been the headquarters of American rocketry and space exploration since the launch of the unmanned Bumper 8 research ... [Read more]

yosemite national park

Yosemite National Park

California, U.S.A.

“No temple made with hands can compare with Yosemite,” wrote naturalist John Muir, who contributed to the 1890 founding of Yosemite National Park. The park’s dramatic beauty has been famously captured in ... [Read more]

the kenai peninsula

The Kenai Peninsula And Prince William Sound

Alaska, U.S.A.

Lying across a narrow channel from metropolitan Anchorage, the Kenai Peninsula is like a movie trailer of Alaska highlight: incredible fishing, hiking, and kayaking opportunities; prolific wildlife; and to its eas ... [Read more]

inside passage and Glacier Bay 2

Inside Passage And Glacier Bay

Alaska, U.S.A

Alaska has over 40,000 miles of coastline, and you can take in some of the most beautiful from your ship’s deck while sailing the Inside Passage. It stretches through 500 scenic miles in the southeast of the state ... [Read more]

the iditarod

The Iditarod

Anchorage, Alaska, U.S.A.

Starting from Anchorage ever March and ending 8 to 15 days later in Nome, the Iditarod is one of the great endurance tests in sport, with competitors mushing sled dogs across 1,150 miles of snow and ice ... [Read more]

Bora Bora 2


Society Islands, French Polynesia

Grab a seat on the left side of the plane for your first glimpse of Bora-Bora, the dramatic, lagoon-surrounded rock that has mesmerized visitors since Caption James Cook saw it more than 200 yea ... [Read more]

jean michel cousteau fiji islands resort

Jean-Michel Cousteau Fiji Islands Resorts

Savusava, Vanua Leva, Fiji

It’s difficult for a small, intimate resort to successfully host bath couples seeking a romantic escape and families with small children. But Jean-Michel Cousteau Fiji Islands Resort, set within a 17 ... [Read more]

home of bungee jumping and jet boating

The Home Of Bungee Jumping And Jet Boating

Queenstown, South Island, New Zealand

If you want to learn something fundamental about the Kiwi character, you need only know that New Zealand is the recognized home of both bungee jumping and jet boating. The former act of madn ... [Read more]

kangaroo island

Kangaroo Island

South Australia, Australia

Australia’s third largest island, “K.L.,” as it’s known to the locals, is uncrowded and uncomplicated. The sheep outnumber the people 300 to one, and it boast a trove of rarer animal life too ... [Read more]

saigon bustling markets 2

Saigon’s Bustling Markets

Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Vietnam is a Communist country, but visitors would never know it from the explosive wave of commercial activity that has washed over the country since the 1990s, particularly in Ho Chi Minh City (still ... [Read more]

halong bay

Ha Long Bay


Vietnamese legend maintains that dragons once descended from heaven and spouted streams of jade droplets into the waters of Ha Long Bay (Vin Ha Long), forming thousands of island to protect the bay and its people from in ... [Read more]

golden triangle 2

Golden Triangle

Golden Triangle,Thailand In the rugged north where Thailand, Laos, and Myanmar meet and the Ruak and Mekong Rivers converge, travelers encounter a lush, mountainous region with an abundance of opportunities for adventure. Treks to ... [Read more]
chaing mai

Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai,Thailand Chiang Mai is Thailand’s second largest city and the unofficial capital of the country’s north. Previously the sleepy hub of a rural hinterland and gateway to treks to the outlying hill tribes, this cooler ... [Read more]
inle lake

Inle Lake


The quite magic of Inle Lake in central Myanmar feels a world apart from the congested capital, Yangon, offering a time-warp setting of calm waters, gentle light, and warm smiles. Most of the tribal people who live on its ... [Read more]

bagan and a cruise

Bagan And a Cruise On The Ayerwady River

Bagan and Mandalay, Myanmar

A cruise down the Ayerwady (Irrawaddy) River – the country’s great natural highway and the focal point of Burmese life – is an opportunity to observe the languid and timeless rhythms of rural li ... [Read more]



Sarawak and Sabah, Borneo, Malaysia Ginger-haired orang-utans swinging through tropical rain forest and communal longhouses once home to legendary headhunters are the images commonly associated with Borneo. The world’s third la ... [Read more]
Ubud 2


Ubud, Bali, Indonesia The island of Bali stands out in Indonesia not only for its beautiful landscape but also for its sophisticated Hindu art and culture. The Balinese have always believed that the gods live in the mountains and ... [Read more]

Angkor Wat

Siem Reap, Cambodia One of the world’s premier architecture sites, Angkor’s temples and monuments encompass an area of about 40 square miles in north-western Cambodia. The capital of the powerful Khmer Empire from A.D. 800 to ... [Read more]



The very name Zanzibar conjures up images of romantic Spice Islands, and – like legendry Timbuktu or Kathmandu – the name alone is almost reason enough to make the trip. The historic center of its capital city is kno ... [Read more]


The Masai Mara

Kenya The Masai Mara is nature’s stage for the most spectacular wildlife pageant on earth. Every May, hundreds of thousands of wildebeest mass in Tanzania’s Serengeti (Masai for “endless plains), moving north in search of su ... [Read more]


Poland Poland’s very own St. Moritz, Zakopane is the nation’s top center for winters sports and its highest town. It transforms in warmer months to a verdant base for hiking and trekking in the Tatra Mountains, the highest ran ... [Read more]

Dubrovnik And The Dalmatian Coast

Croatia Arugged shoreline and more than 1,000 islands in the warm, turquoise waters of the Adriatic Sea make the Dalmatian Coast one of Europe’s most beautiful seaside playgrounds. Dubrovnik, “the Pearl of the Adriatic,” is ... [Read more]

The Alps’ Most Scenic Train Trips

Switzerland The Swiss have taken train travel to new heights. Over the past century, Swiss engineering expertise has created an elaborate system of narrow passes, viaducts, and tunnels that make even the most dramatic Alpine scen ... [Read more]

San Sebastian And Basque Country

Spain Along with France’s Biarritz San Sebastian is the great belle Epoque resort of the Basque coast. Crescent-shaped la Concha beach is punctuated on either end by misty mountains and lined with 19th-century resort building- p ... [Read more]

Bairro Alfama

Lisbon , Portugal The Alfama is Lisbon’s most moody and evocative neighborhood. The steep streets and twisting alleyways still bear witness to the Moors who, imposing their rule on much of the IberianPeninsula, invaded Portugal ... [Read more]


Greece Nationlike in its size and diversity, Crete is the largest of the Greek islands and also one of the most fascinating and beautiful. History buffs know it as the birthplace of the Minoans, Europe's first advanced civilizatio ... [Read more]

Lake Constance And The Alpine Road

Bavaria , Germany The northern shore of the Bodensee (Lake Constance), Bavaria's largest lake is lined with a string of pretty resorts. But to truly appreciate the lake’s beauty, board any of the countless ferries that crisscro ... [Read more]

Baden-Baden And The Black Forest

Baden Wurttemberg , Germany I fully believe I left my rheumatism in Baden-Baden," wrote Mark Twain. "Baden-Baden is welcome to it." This town at the northern edge of the dense Black Forest has been the "summer capital of Europe" ... [Read more]

Lyon’s Food Scene

Lyon , Rhone Alpes , France Lyon sits between Paris and the Mediterranean near the Burgundy and Beaujolais regions with the Alps and Italy not far away—a location that helps explain why it has more restaurants per square mile ( ... [Read more]


Midi, Pyrenees, France Every year, 6 million pilgrims and visitors flock to this small town perched on the lower slopes of the Pyrenees Mountains to stand where, in 1858, a local 14-year-old peasant girl named Bernadette had 18 v ... [Read more]

Belgian Frites

Brussels, Belgium Belgium’s pommes frites are not french fries at all—a grievous misnomer, this universally known and loved side order is Belgian in origin. Belgians make the best frites in the world: Crispy, sweet, lightly b ... [Read more]

Belgian Chocolate

Brussels, Belgium Stand outside the Leonidas shop on the Boulevard Anspach—one of the 22 Brussels outlets of this leading Belgian manufacturer—and you might think it was fast food it was selling, not luxury chocolates. But th ... [Read more]


Belgium Bruges, or Brugge, is a perfectly formed city in miniature, brimming with reminders of its age of gory in medieval times. It’s the kind of place that’s easy to explore on foot. Better still, take a tour in an open boat ... [Read more]

Arlberg Region And Kitzbuhel

Austria Some of the choicest downhill skiing in the world can be found in the western reaches of the Austrian Alps. Wonderfully picturesque Arlberg ensures ample amounts of powder even other encompasses Lech, its most charming vi ... [Read more]

Highland Games

Braemar, Highland, Scotland Blazing with brightly colored tartans and ringing with the sound of bagpipes, the highland Games are unique sporting and cultural events celebrating all things Scottish, and are held in townsthroughout ... [Read more]

Edinburgh Castle And Festivals

Edinburgh, Scotland One of Europe’s loveliest capital cities, Edinburgh owes much of its character and good looks to its showcase landmark, Edinburgh Castle, atop the craggy remains of an ancient volcano overlooking the surroun ... [Read more]

Balmoral Hotel And The Royal Scotsman

Edinburgh, Scotland

Standing proudly at the end of Edinburgh’s mile-long, shop-lined Princes Street is the historic and undeniably palatial Balmoral Hotel. Built in 1902 as a railway hotel, it is now one of the city’s most e ... [Read more]


The International Antiques And Collectors Fair

Newark-on-Trent, Nottinghamshire, England

Think antiques-lover’s paradise and you think of London. But where do the umpteen antiques dealers that fills the stalls and stalls and stores of Portobello Road and Camden passage rep ... [Read more]


The Lake District

Lancashire and Cumbria, England The poet William Wordsworth described England’s Lake District as “the loveliest spot that man has ever known.” It is at once pastoral and wild, grace with some 15 principal lakes and dozens of ... [Read more]

The Cotswolds

Gloucestershire, Worcestershire, and Oxfordshire, England The Cotswolds is the quintessence of rural England, stretching about 100 miles between Bath and Stratford-upon-Avon (see app. 26 and 28) and marked on its western side by ... [Read more]

Cambridge University

Cambridgeshire, England Cambridge is one of Europe's oldest centers of learning—with its first college founded in 1284—and one of the most prestigious as well. Its 31 colleges have produced alumni as varied as John Milton, ... [Read more]


Mato Grosso doSul , Brazil , South America

The largest freshwater wetland in the world, a place where more than 100 rivers meet, the Pantanal is an oasis for wildlife of staggering variety. It supports the greatest concentration ... [Read more]


Rovos Rail and The Blue Train

South Africa, Africa

Tiny planes transport safarigoers rom park to park bestowing bird’s eye views of the vast landscapes in between. For those with time to slow down, a rail journey permits entry to a world not many see, and ... [Read more]


The Dead Sea

Israel and Jordan, Middle East The Dead Sea is actually a landlocked lake in the middle of the desert, lying 1,305 feet below sea level. It is the lowest spot on earth, a high point of any Middle Eastern itinerary, and the sooner ... [Read more]

The Three Gorges

Hubei and Chongqing, China, Asia

The mighty Yangtze River cuts right across the geographical and imaginative heartland of China, and it’s most famous stretch through the Three Gorges ranks among the world’s most beautiful pl ... [Read more]