Grace Bay

Turks and Caicos The jewel in the crown of Turks and Caicos – an archipelago of 40 islands – Grace Bay boasts a staggering 12-mile arc of powdery white sand lapped by turquoise waters that teem with marine life. It’s consid ... [Read more]


Jamaica It’s always party time in hedonistic Negril, set on the northwest tip of Jamaica and one of the country’s most affordable destinations. The development but still lovely Seven Mile Beach (also known as Long Bay) is the ... [Read more]

Montego Bay

Jamaica Jamaica’s second largest city after Kingston, Mo Bay is charged, hip, and gritty, with a lively music scene that reaches its frenzied height at Reggae Sumfest, a reggae and dancehall marathon that showcase star performe ... [Read more]


Bermuda Considerably cooler than the Caribbean islands that lie south of here, Bermuda is best known for its stunning pink sand beaches (the result of sand mixed with the crushed red skeletons of reef-dwelling protozoa), Bermuda s ... [Read more]
punta del

Punta Del Este


Straddling a peninsula flanked by the Atlantic Ocean and the Rio de la Plata, “Punta,” as South Americans call it, has reigned for decades as the continent’s premiere jet-set mecca. A former fishing village now full ... [Read more]


Jose Ignacio

Uruguay A 40-minute drive east of Punta del Este but a world away from its high-rise development is the small peninsula of Jose Ignacio and the stylish Playa Brava beach. Former fishing village set around a rocky promontory, its m ... [Read more]

Peruvian Amazon

Amazonas, Peru The confluence of the Ucayali and Maranon rivers in Loreto, Peru, forms the legendary head of the mighty Amazon, 2,400 miles from where it flows into the Atlantic. Though Brazil garners most of the fame as the home ... [Read more]

Galapagos Island

Ecuador A modern-day traveler’s rules of thumb: Visit the most fragile places first; stay on the trails; disturb nothing. Nowhere does this apply more than to the 58 islands and cays of the Galapagos archipelago, which straddle ... [Read more]
the wine road of

The Wine Roads Of Chile

Central Valley, Chile Winemaking was brought to Chile by the Spanish conquistadors and missionaries, who cultivate the grape for sacramental purposes, but the wines really came into their own when noble French cuttings were plant ... [Read more]


Nicaragua Lack of tourism has helped keep both Nicaragua’s natural environment and its heritage intact. Nowhere is this more evident than in Granada, an elegant and colonial city on the western shores of Lake Cocibolca (also cal ... [Read more]

Lake Atitlan

Panajachel, Altiplano, Guatemala The Altiplano, Guatemala’s western highlands, is the country’s most stunning region, and bluegreen Lake Atitlan – mirroring these Fuji-like volcanoes – its most perfect snapshot. Those who ... [Read more]

Los Cabos

Baja California Sur, Mexico

At the tip of the 775-mile-long Baja Peninsula, where the Pacific Ocean meets the Sea of Cortez, the resort area of Los Cabos (the capes) stretches over a 25-mile corridor that joins the desert towns ... [Read more]

the canadian rockies by train

The Canadian Rockies By Train

Alberta and British Columbia, Canada

When railroads first crossed Canada in 1885 (“an act of insane recklessness,” read the headlines), they did more than bring in settlers: They opened up western Canada to tourism. “If we ... [Read more]

california wine country 2

California Wine Country

California, U.S.A

If America has an answer to Tuscany – our own locus for great wine, great food, and the good life – Napa and Sonoma valleys are it. These fraternal twins, separated at birth by the Mayacamas Mountains, now b ... [Read more]

moorea 2


Society Islands, French Polynesia

There is no South Pacific view as spellbinding as the one from Moorea’s Le Belvedere, a lookout high on the wall of the extinct volcanic crater forming this extraordinarily beautiful island, w ... [Read more]

Bora Bora 2


Society Islands, French Polynesia

Grab a seat on the left side of the plane for your first glimpse of Bora-Bora, the dramatic, lagoon-surrounded rock that has mesmerized visitors since Caption James Cook saw it more than 200 yea ... [Read more]

the marquesas islands 2

The Marquesas Islands

French Polynesia

For years the wild beauty of the little-visited Marquesas Islands –some of the most remote inhabited islands on earth – has drawn artists and writers, and that’s hardly a surprise: This is the untainted tr ... [Read more]

jean michel cousteau fiji islands resort

Jean-Michel Cousteau Fiji Islands Resorts

Savusava, Vanua Leva, Fiji

It’s difficult for a small, intimate resort to successfully host bath couples seeking a romantic escape and families with small children. But Jean-Michel Cousteau Fiji Islands Resort, set within a 17 ... [Read more]

home of bungee jumping and jet boating

The Home Of Bungee Jumping And Jet Boating

Queenstown, South Island, New Zealand

If you want to learn something fundamental about the Kiwi character, you need only know that New Zealand is the recognized home of both bungee jumping and jet boating. The former act of madn ... [Read more]


Lake Taupo And Tongariro National Park

North Island, New Zealand

Local bumper stickers call Lake Taupo “The Rainbow Trout Capital of the Universe,” and they’re not exaggerating: Even by New Zealand standards, these fish are monsters, with the average catch weigh ... [Read more]

kangaroo island

Kangaroo Island

South Australia, Australia

Australia’s third largest island, “K.L.,” as it’s known to the locals, is uncrowded and uncomplicated. The sheep outnumber the people 300 to one, and it boast a trove of rarer animal life too ... [Read more]

Barossa Valley 2

Barossa Valley

South Australia, Australia

The picturesque Barossa Valley is Australia’s epicentre for all things gastronomic. Together with nearby Clare Valley, it produces over 400 percent of Australia’s wines. Easy to reach from Adelaide, ... [Read more]

sailing the whitsundays

Sailing The Whitsundays

Queensland, Australia

It would be hard to conjure a more splendid destination for setting sail than these idyllic islands in the Coral Sea, discovered by Captain Cook in 1770 on Whitsunday (49 days after Easter). Cradled by the ... [Read more]

lord howe island

Lord Howe Island

New South Wales, Australia

Hailed as one of the most beautiful subtropical islands in the Pacific, the tiny crescent of Lord Howe Island boasts 90 species of fish, and more than 130 recorded bird species, including the endemic w ... [Read more]

halong bay

Ha Long Bay


Vietnamese legend maintains that dragons once descended from heaven and spouted streams of jade droplets into the waters of Ha Long Bay (Vin Ha Long), forming thousands of island to protect the bay and its people from in ... [Read more]

golden triangle 2

Golden Triangle

Golden Triangle,Thailand In the rugged north where Thailand, Laos, and Myanmar meet and the Ruak and Mekong Rivers converge, travelers encounter a lush, mountainous region with an abundance of opportunities for adventure. Treks to ... [Read more]
chaing mai

Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai,Thailand Chiang Mai is Thailand’s second largest city and the unofficial capital of the country’s north. Previously the sleepy hub of a rural hinterland and gateway to treks to the outlying hill tribes, this cooler ... [Read more]


Pamalican Island, Cuyo Island, Palawan Province, Philippines

Of the 7,000-odd island in the Philippines, the most exclusive is Pamalican, a minuscule speck in the Sulu Sea. It is occupied by a solitary luxury enclave, Amanpulo, a ... [Read more]

inle lake

Inle Lake


The quite magic of Inle Lake in central Myanmar feels a world apart from the congested capital, Yangon, offering a time-warp setting of calm waters, gentle light, and warm smiles. Most of the tribal people who live on its ... [Read more]

bagan and a cruise

Bagan And a Cruise On The Ayerwady River

Bagan and Mandalay, Myanmar

A cruise down the Ayerwady (Irrawaddy) River – the country’s great natural highway and the focal point of Burmese life – is an opportunity to observe the languid and timeless rhythms of rural li ... [Read more]

sailing the mekong 2

Sailing The Mekong


Laos, Cambodia, and Vietnam share a history of war and French colonial influences. But it’s the Mekong River that both links them and, in many places, separates them, running along much of Laos’s western border with Myan ... [Read more]

Ubud 2


Ubud, Bali, Indonesia The island of Bali stands out in Indonesia not only for its beautiful landscape but also for its sophisticated Hindu art and culture. The Balinese have always believed that the gods live in the mountains and ... [Read more]



The very name Zanzibar conjures up images of romantic Spice Islands, and – like legendry Timbuktu or Kathmandu – the name alone is almost reason enough to make the trip. The historic center of its capital city is kno ... [Read more]


Etosha National Park

Namibia Despite its harsh climate, Namibia has some of the world’s most compelling scenery, with diverse and plentiful wildlife that has adapted to the rigors of the desertlike conditions. Etosha National Park, in the north, a s ... [Read more]

Ol Donyo Wuas

Chyulu Hills, Kenya

OlDonyoWuas sits at the foot of the dramatic Chyulu Hills aid a quarter of a million acres on the open plains of Masai land. One of East Africa’s most beloved bush lodges, it is a partnership between local ... [Read more]


Okavango Delta

Botswana The inland delta where the Okavango River meets the Kalahari Desert has been called the world’s largest oasis. The Okavango, a tributary of the mighty Zambezi, creates a unique “water in the desert” ecosystem the s ... [Read more]


Croatia In Croatia’s northwest corner, just south of Trieste, Italy, the peninsula of Istria juts into the Adriatic Sea. With rolling vineyards, olive groves, and ancient, walled hill towns, it resembles Tuscany in both looks an ... [Read more]

Dubrovnik And The Dalmatian Coast

Croatia Arugged shoreline and more than 1,000 islands in the warm, turquoise waters of the Adriatic Sea make the Dalmatian Coast one of Europe’s most beautiful seaside playgrounds. Dubrovnik, “the Pearl of the Adriatic,” is ... [Read more]

The Alps’ Most Scenic Train Trips

Switzerland The Swiss have taken train travel to new heights. Over the past century, Swiss engineering expertise has created an elaborate system of narrow passes, viaducts, and tunnels that make even the most dramatic Alpine scen ... [Read more]

San Sebastian And Basque Country

Spain Along with France’s Biarritz San Sebastian is the great belle Epoque resort of the Basque coast. Crescent-shaped la Concha beach is punctuated on either end by misty mountains and lined with 19th-century resort building- p ... [Read more]

Porto And The Douro Valley

Porto , Portugal

There’s magic in the air—or the rocks—in the upper Douro River Valley, where vintners conjure wine from the stony riverbanks. The vineyards that cling to towering cliffs above the golden river that snakes ... [Read more]


Bairro Alfama

Lisbon , Portugal The Alfama is Lisbon’s most moody and evocative neighborhood. The steep streets and twisting alleyways still bear witness to the Moors who, imposing their rule on much of the IberianPeninsula, invaded Portugal ... [Read more]

The Italian Lakes

Lombardy , Italy Italy’s three major lakes —Maggiore, Como, and Garda—and a sting of smaller beauties have long inspired music, poetry, and no end of appreciation from those who have witnessed their Alpine-framed spectacle. ... [Read more]

Capri And Ischia

Campania , Italy Capri has been a favored summer playground since the Roman emperor Tiberius made the villa Jovis- now an evocative cliff-top ruin with breathtaking views- his ruling seat in A.D. Today, artists, designers, movie ... [Read more]


Cyclades , Greece Santorini provides one of the Aegean’s most spectacular natural settings. The slim 12-mile crescent of land, also known as thira, is the rim of an ancient volcano. Villages of dazzling white houses and blue-do ... [Read more]

Loire Valley

Pays de la Loire, France, Europe

The lush, fertile valley created by the winding Loire River has captured travelers’ hearts and imaginations for centuries. Hundreds of chateaux line France’s ‘Royal River,” the highest co ... [Read more]